From Monday 13th July the offices at all three locations (Mühlgasse/Mariahilferstraße/Stiegergase) will remain closed.

We can send you transcripts, confirmatory documents etc. via email during the summer months,

please write an email to office@konservatorium-prayner.at

You can also arrange an individual appointment for the personal collection of documents etc. in advance by email.


From Monday 13th July our practice rooms will no longer be available.

If you are seaching for practice opportunities over the summer, please click on the following links:





Vienna Konservatorium wishes you all a nice summer!


Dear students!


We are happy to announce that through the measures which have been put in place by the Austrian government since 16th March, our conservatoire has made it through the crisis in good health and hasn’t had a single case of Covid-19. We thank you once again for your vast amounts of stamina and patience in these difficult times.

We hereby inform you that we will be reopening the conservatoire in stages from 18th May.


1st PHASE: Main subject lessons from Monday 18th May only for students who will perform final main subject exams before the end of the semester (Diploma exams or crossover exams – "Übertrittsprüfungen" - for the Artistic Diploma, teaching qualification exams and focus study "Schwerpunkt" exams for the Pedagogical Diploma).
Students who are due to perform such exams have the option of delaying their exams till the autumn – in this case their lessons at the conservatoire will begin from 3rd June 2020.


2nd PHASE: Main subject lessons from Wednesday 3rd June for all other students and pupils.

Your main subject professors will inform us this week which students in their class will start lessons at the conservatoire again from 18th May and which students will start from 3rd June. At-risk groups can continue with online lessons until the end of the semester.


In the link below you will find information concerning the hygiene and distancing regulations for lessons at the conservatoire.
Please read these carefully. All instructions must be strictly followed by all students returning to the conservatoire for lessons, with no exceptions.


We are glad that a return to lessons at the conservatoire is underway – even though the process may be slow and step-by-step – and we look forward to welcoming you back to the conservatoire in the coming weeks. Your health, as always, will remain the utmost priority.


The Directors of Prayner Konservatorium


Dear students,


Although restrictions against Coronavirus have become somewhat more relaxed in everyday life since 1st May and Austrian pupils who are due to take their Matura (school leaving exams) are allowed to go back to school as of today, the Austrian Education Ministry has still not given a definite date for the reopening of conservatoires.


After having been in contact with the Education Ministry and with other conservatoires in Austria, the overall impression which has been gained thus far is that a gradual reopening will probably be approved from 18th May, with students who are due to perform their Diploma or crossover examinations (Übertrittsprüfungen) this semester permitted to return first, and all other students at the end of May.


We, along with other conservatoires, have urged the Education Ministry to clarify this as swiftly as possible and we will inform you all once we have received confirmation.


Our practice rooms must unfortunately remain closed until we are permitted to reopen again. However, practice opportunities at other establishments are now becoming available again, so we recommend students who are in urgent need of a practice room to contact firms such as the Klaviergalerie and Rehearsal Rooms Vienna.






We thank you for your vast amounts of stamina and patience in these difficult times and continue to wish you all good health.

Director Prof. Franz Zettl


It is with greatest sorrow that we announce our adored Maestro, professor and colleague Maksimilijan Cenčić has passed away on Thursday 16th April 2020 after a long and serious illness.


Prayner Konservatorium expresses its deepest condolences to his family, and in particular to his wife.


Professor Maksimilijan Cenčić was born in 1951 in Rogaška Slatina in Slovenia. After training at the Academy of Music in Zagreb, he worked at the Croatian National Theatre in the same city between 1978 and 1991. From 1991 till 2014 he was a conductor and stage music director at the Vienna State Opera.


He began working at Prayner Konservatorium in 1998 as director of the orchestra and of the operatic repertoire and conducting classes. Ever since, these departments have experienced an unprecedented surge with students from all over the world. We will hold a multitude of high-quality performances in grateful memory.


Each and every one of us at Prayner – students, teachers, directors and members of staff – valued and admired him for his artistic and educational commitment.


We will miss his energy, his dedication to music and his warmheartedness, and will always cherish his work with gratitude!


We wish you a happy Easter and further good health to you, your families and your friends.


We wish to thank you sincerely for your excellent cooperation and support in what is a difficult situation for all of us. Thank you also for the strong participation in online lessons and teaching.


As announced in the press conference with Minister Dr. Faßmann on 8th April, it is very likely that we can reopen again in May – naturally under the observance of hygiene regulations.

We are currently awaiting new directives from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) with regards to this.


The premises of the conservatoire (Mühlgasse/Mariahilferstraße/Stiegergasse) will therefore remain closed to all students until the end of the bridging phase (Überbrückungsphase).


IMPORTANT – please continue to adhere to the following guidelines and advice:


Should you fall ill with Coronavirus (Covid-19), we are required to report this to the authorities. In the event of this happening, please inform us immediately by email (office@konservatorium-prayner.at) and follow the instructions from the health authorities.


If a Coronavirus case is suspected, please call the 24-hour hotline 1450 – ONLY IF A CASE OF CORONAVIRUS IS SUSPECTED.


For questions about Coronavirus, please call the 24-hour hotline 0800 555 621 – FOR GENERAL INFORMATION.




Please continue to follow the orders of the Austrian government and stay at home. We hope to have things running normally again at Prayner Konservatorium as soon as possible.


Please contact us if you need anything and stay healthy,

The Directors of Prayner Konservatorium




Dear students and pupils,


Due to the order received by the Austrian Ministry of Education at 21:00 on Thursday 12th March, the conservatoire must remain closed from Monday 16th March up until the end of the bridging phase (the "Überbrückungsphase" as outlined by the Austrian Ministry of Education) in order to contain the spread of Corona virus.


The following measures will be taken:

  1. Individual and Group Lessons

As of Monday 16th March 2020 up until the end of the bridging phase, no courses will be taught on the premises of Prayner Konservatorium. This also applies to individual lessons. For your individual lessons, please continue to practice and follow the instructions of your teachers over the phone, email, Skype, Zoom etc.


Selected courses will be offered online wherever possible. Further information will be sent by email in due course.


You will still be able to complete the semester as normal.


As of Monday 16th March up until the end of the bridging phase, the premises of Prayner Konservatorium (Mühlgasse, Mariahilferstraße und Stiegergasse) will generally be closed.


  1. Events

All events at Prayner Konservatorium are cancelled with immediate effect, likewise up until the end of the bridging phase. This include class performance evenings, master classes, theatre performances, song evenings, symposia, orchestra concerts, conferences, excursions etc.


  1. Practice room facilities

Practice rooms will also not be provided up until the end of the bridging phase.


  1. Office opening hours

All offices will remain closed to visitors, but the offices at Mühlgasse and Stiegergasse can be contacted by email and also by telephone within the usual opening hours. Please contact us with any requests by email or call us, we will respond as soon as possible.


Please pay tuition fees by bank transfer. As far as possible, cancelled lessons will be held at a later date in the semester.


Any urgently required documents will be sent by email.


  1. Library

The library will remain closed.


Please note that you are still required to inform the head office of Prayner Konservatorium immediately if you are suspected to have the Corona virus (by email: office@konservatorium-prayner.at) so that we can fulfil our duties to the health authorities by reporting these cases.


We would like to thank all colleagues, students and pupils for their extraordinary and brilliant support, for their contributions to creating solutions for these upcoming challenges, and for their readiness to be creative and flexible in dealing with what is a new situation for all of us.


Further information can be found on the Federal Ministry website: www.bmbwf.gv.at/corona


We wish you all good health,

The Directors of Prayner Konservatorium

Online and Distance Learning During Closure of Conservatoire (14.03.2020)

Dear students,

This morning we sent out an email with more information about online and distance learning.
If you DIDN'T receive the email:


1) Please check your spam folder and make sure your email account has enough storage space by deleting any emails no longer needed.
2) If this doesn't work, please contact us: office@konservatorium-prayner.at


The offices at Mühlgasse and Stiegergasse can still be contacted by telephone within the usual opening hours during the closure period.


Liebe Studierende und Lehrkräfte,

aufgrund der Entwicklungen zum Coronavirus und einigen Fragen von Studierenden möchten wir Sie nochmals informieren. Sollten Sie aus einer der betroffenen Coronavirusregionen einreisen bitten wir Sie die 2-wöchige Inkubationszeit strengstens einzuhalten und mindestens 2 Wochen nicht zum Unterricht zu kommen (wir bitten um 3 Wochen, die Behörden empfehlen derzeit 2 Wochen). Machen Sie sich auch keine Sorgen bezüglich eines positiven Abschlusses für dieses Studienjahr. Wir werden individuelle Lösungen für einen positiven Abschluss finden. 


Wichtig: Bitte kommen Sie auch generell nicht mit einer Grippe oder einer anderen ansteckenden Krankheit in das Konservatorium, auch im Sinne ihrer StudienkollegInnen und LehrerInnen, welche sich nicht anstecken möchten. Ein Unterricht mit Erkrankung bringt Sie, Ihre Lehrkraft und auch Ihre KollegInnen nicht weiter. Wir danken Ihnen auch schon vorab für die strikte Einhaltung. 

Wir wünschen Ihnen beste Gesundheit,
Beste Grüße
Ihre Direktion



Dear students and teachers,

Due to developments concerning the Corona virus and questions we have received from students, we would once again like to give you the most up-to-date information. If you have recently returned to Vienna from a country affected by the Corona virus, please strictly observe the incubation period of at least 2 weeks and do not attend the Konservatorium during this time period (the authorities currently recommend 2 weeks, we however recommend 3 weeks). Please don’t worry about being able to complete the study year successfully. We will find individual solutions to ensure this.


IMPORTANT: In general, please don’t come to the Konservatorium with flu or otherwise contagious illnesses out of consideration for your fellow students and teachers. Having a lesson whilst sick doesn’t help to improve matters for yourself, your teachers or your colleagues. Many thanks in advance for strictly observing this rule.

We wish you all good health.
Kind regards,

The Director



Individual entrance exam appointments for CLASSIC, JAZZ and POP concerning the Wintersemester 2020/2021 can be arranged for June 2020 anytime after application per e-mail or in the office!


(Examination fee: €50)



Entrance exams MUSICAL for Wintersemester 2020/2021:

fixed appointment is the


24th of June 2020, 11:00 AM

Probebühne Stiegergasse 15-17

1150 Wien


please register at our secretary's office or via email, € 50,- examination fee.


Please prepare:

  • Two musical songs (1 ballad, 1 uptempo song)
  • A short monologue
  • Please bring appropriate clothing for dancing in given choreography

Theory Subjects & Complementary Subjects: Summer Semester 2020

The Summer Semester 2020 plan for the theoretical and complementary subjects is available to download here (click on the link below).

Alternatively, the plan is available to collect from the offices (Stiegergasse/Mühlgasse/Mariahilferstraße)

PLEASE NOTE: the plan is still subject to a few changes - please check the "Stand" (version)  date at the top of the plan regularly!


Academic year

Academic Year 2019/2020:

Winter Semester: : 2.9.2019 - 31.1.2020

Summer Semester: 10.2.2020 - 3.7.2020


Following our highly successful series of events in the last academic year, in which all of our departments presented themselves to a wide-ranging audience, our events calendar this year is even busier!

Additional Study Options

Alongside our state-approved Diploma courses, we also offer private instrumental / singing lessons and a prepatory course for our Musical Theatre Diploma.


VIENNA STARS 2019: XIX. International Music Competition

Congratulations to Prof. Dorice Köstenberger and her student Lidia Tushkova on their outstanding success at the international music competition Vienna Music Stars 2019!

Jungho Kim: Invitations to audition for renowned orchestras

Jungho Kim, who is studying Flute at Vienna Conservatory, has impressed the following orchestras with his playing and has been invited to audition for them:

Suzhou Symphony Orchester

The Latvian National Symphony Orchestra

Guiyang Symphony Orchestra

The Phiharmonic Orchestra of Middle Saxony




THE VOICE 2018 - Österreichs größter Gesangswettbewerb

THE VOICE - Österreichs großer Gesangswettbewerb findet vom 29.9.- 27.10.2018 im FISCHAPARK, Wiener Neustadts größtem Shopping Center, statt.


An der Suche nach der besten Stimme beteiligen sich die größten Plattenfirmen, Medienvertreter und erfolgreiche Musikproduzenten.


Zu gewinnen gibt es: 


Plattenvertrag, Singleproduktionen, Musikvideos, Promovideos, Livevideos, Aufnahmetage im Tonstudio, CD-Produktion, Liveauftritte, Exklusivstory, Fotoshooting, Coaching, Mikrofone, Sachpreise sowie ein Stipendium für Pop-Gesang am Vienna Konservatorium.

Gesamtwert ca.: € 30.000


Bei uns entscheiden ausschließlich prominente Experten in der Jury, die dir konstruktives Feedback auf deine live performance geben.


Wir sind frei von Quotendruck, und du frei von langjähriger Vertragsbindung mit Prozentabgaben. Wir verstehen uns als Entdeckungs-, Förder- und Vernetzungsplattform für junge KünstlerInnen. Wir helfen euch dabei, euren Traum vom Einstieg in das professionelle Musikbusiness zu verwirklichen. 


Der Hit-Produzent Alexander Kahr wird den/die SiegerIn unter seine musikalischen Fittiche nehmen! 

Seine Produktionen waren 35x für den Amadeus und mehrfach für den Echo nominiert sowie 70x in den Austria Top 40 und in den deutschen Charts vertreten.


Aber auch weitere FinalistInnen der Show werden mit unseren namhaften Musik- und Videoproduzenten Singleaufnahmen und Videoclips produzieren.



Audition am 15. und 16 November 2017 im VIENNA KONSERVATORIUM, Theater im ersten Stock, Mariahilferstr. 51, 1060 Wien.


Vorsingen nur nach Einladung!


Bewerbung bitte per e-Mail an:



Anmeldeschluss: 6. November 2017




Audition for the musical theatre HEIDI 2018

Für die Uraufführung des neuen Musicals HEIDI (Musik von Michael Schanze-Buch von Hans Dieter Schreeb) im Museumsquartier in Wien suchen wir exzellente Sänger/innen, Schauspieler/innen und Tänzer/innen.


Audition am 5. und 6 Oktober 2017 in Wien, 


VIENNA KONSERVATORIUM, Theater im ersten Stock, Mariahilferstr. 51, 1060 Wien.


Teilnahme nur auf Einladung

Bewerbungsschluss: 22.9.2017


Bitte senden Sie Ihre vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen mit Vita und aktuellen Fotos (in einer PDF-Datei zusammengefasst) per E-Mail an Bettina Weyers (bweyers@gallissas.com).


Premiere am 8.10.2018 im Museumsquartier in Wien

Probebeginn: 17.9.2018


Regie: Prof. Manfred Waba

Co-Regie: Michael Schanze



The Voice 2017

This is a prominent, large-scale singing competition which takes place within the G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf REGISTER NOW!


It gives singers the chance to get into the music business professionally, realise their dreams and start off  their career!  The biggest and best-known record labels and music producers take part in the search to find the best voice, as well as a top-class jury.


Participants can win:

Record deal, the production of a single, the production of a music video, a day's recording in a studio, CD-Production, a place to study Pop Vocals at Vienna Conservatory, live performances, exclusive stories/press coverage, coaching and much more.


Total value of over €25,000!



Auditions / Bayerische Philharmonie 2017

Probespiele 2017


Im Juli 2017 bietet die Bayerische Philharmonie wieder Probespiele für Musikstudenten und junge Profis an. Nach bestandenem Probespiel werden die Teilnehmer eingeladen an den verschiedenen Projekten der Bayerischen Philharmonie teilzunehmen. Die Projekte in der Klangzeit 2017 erstrecken sich über »Bruckner4 plus«, »Mozart – Requiem«, »Weihnachsoratorium« und »Mozart +« vom Symphonieorchester bis zum Kammerorchester mit Konzerten in München und auf Konzerttourneen. Bereits bestehende Ensembles können sich zudem für eine Aufnahme in die Datenbank von »Zeitklänge − Gesellschaft für musikalischen Mehrwert mbH«, dem Agenturpartner der Bayerischen Philharmonie, qualifizieren.



Wien: Prayner Konservatorium, Ehrbarsaal, Montag, 3. Juli 2017 Anmeldeschluss: 22. Juni 2017
München Montag, 10. Juli 2017 Anmeldeschluss: 30. Juni 2017
Freiburg Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2017 Anmeldeschluss: 11. Juli 2017
Stuttgart Freitag, 21. Juli 2017 Anmeldeschluss: 12. Juli 2017


Philipp Fichtner wins 3 medals at WCOPA

July 2017: Musical graduate of Vienna Conservatory Philipp Fichtner wins three medals at "The World Championship of Performing Arts" (WCOPA) in Los Angeles.




1060 Wien, Mariahilfer Straße 51

Web: www.viennaconservatory.at

E-Mail: bibliothek@viennaconservatory.at



Dienstag, 10:00 - 13:00

Mittwoch, 14:00 - 17:00


Bestand: Die Bibliothek  verfügt über diverse Arten von Medien, die in einem Freihandbereich aufgestellt sind. Die Medien sind nicht entlehnbar, sondern können ausschließlich vor Ort genutzt werden. Den Benutzerinnen und Benutzern steht ein Kopierer/Scanner zur Verfügung.

Noten: Klavierauszüge, Partituren und Noten für sämtliche Instrumente, die Studierende und Lehrende zum Studium bzw. für den Unterricht benötigen.

Bücher: Nachschlagewerke, Werkverzeichnisse, Biographien, wissenschaftliche Publikationen zu den Bereichen Musikpraxis, Musikpädagogik, Musikgeschichte, Musikwissenschaft, Tanz und Schauspiel, Zeitschriften, Theaterprogramme usw.

Mediathek: CDs und LPs können Vorort mittels Stereoanlage inklusive Kopfhörern benutzt werden.

Der Bestand wird nach Empfehlungen von Lehrenden und Studierenden und nach Maßgabe der finanziellen Möglichkeiten ständig vergrößert.


Online-Katalog: Der Online-Katalog befindet sich noch in Bearbeitung, teilweise sind die Bestände aber bereits katalogisiert. Für die Leserinnen und Leser liegt eine gedruckte und digitale Auflistung des gesamten Bestands vor. Registrierte Benutzerinnen und Benutzer bekommen die Möglichkeit, online Medien vorzubestellen.

Anmeldung: Zur Benutzung von Beständen aus der Bibliothek benötigen Studierende ihren gültigen Studienausweis mit Bibliotheks-Barcode. Die Anmeldung erfolgt direkt in der Bibliothek. Anmeldungeformulare liegen Vorort bereit.

Pop Department

As of the academic year 2012/13, Vienna Conservatory can offer its students a governmentally-approved branch of study in Pop Music and Songwriting.  This can be studied either as an Artistic Diploma or as a Pedagogical Diploma.

The focus of this new branch of study is to offer training in popular music genres, (Pop,Rock, Soul, R'n'B, World, Electronic and Alternative) which is innovative, unique, practical and career-orientated.

Entrance Exam: Individual dates can be arranged!

Registration: office@viennaconservatory.at





zwe - das urgemütliche jazzlokal, Floßgasse 4, 1020 Wien


Many thanks to all our guests and Jazz teachers for their contribution in the past year:

Joe Abentung (b), Herbert Berger (sax), Rudi Berger (vl), Joszef Botos (g), Joris Dudli (dm), Peter Gabis (dm), Harry Gansberger (p), Markus Gaudriot (p), Mario Gonzi (dm), Lubomir Gospodinov (sax), Walter Grassmann (dm), Christian Havel (g), Karl Hodas (b), Pawel Kozakiewicz (b), Thomas Kugi (sax), Uli Langthaler (b), Jörg Leichtfried (p), Matilda Leko (voc), Sandro Miori (sax), Herwig Neugebauer (b), Daniel Nösig (tp), Dusan Novakov (dm), Harald Putz (b), Michael Sator (dm), Karl Sayer (b), Joschi Schnmeeberger (b), Fritz Isaak Steiner (g), Hans Strasser (b), Andi Weiss (dm), Heinrich Werkl (b), Bernhard Wiesinger (sax) amongst others.

Musical Theatre Department


Our Musical Theatre students at Vienna Conservatory are prepared throughout their studies for a professional life on the stage.  Public events and performances by our students take place on a regular basis – these can be viewed under “Events.”



New in the Jazz Department - Jazz Violin Course

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer Jazz Violin as a main subject at the Vienna Conservatory. For this project we are thrilled to have the internationally-renowned Viennese Jazz violinist Rudi Berger on board. Rudi Berger moved to New York in 1986 and has lived and worked succesfully in Brazil since 2003.


The course contains theory and practice in styles such as Blues, Rock, Pop, Bebop, Swing, Worldmusic and Modern & Brazilian Jazz


More Info: +43 / 1 985 81 12, office@viennaconservatory.at



New in the Jazz Department - Electronic Jazz (Nu Jazz) Course

As of September 2013, the Jazz Department of Vienna Conservatory will offer a new course focusing on Electronic Jazz / Nu Jazz.

This additional branch of study offers practical and professional music education in the field of combined Electronic and Jazz - the leading improvisational style in the 21st century - including basic techniques of recording in small studios (as well as at home), along with handling multitracking-software and software-synthesizers.

Whoever is inspired by the likes of  Erik Truffaz, Nicola Conte and Bugge Wesseltoft has come to the right place.

More Info: +43 / 1 985 81 12, office@viennaconservatory.at


NEW: Webpage Division Pop

The Division Pop webpage of Vienna Conservatory is online! Read more about professors, news and events



Vienna Conservatory Chamber Orchestra

The Vienna Conservatory Chamber Orchestra, founded in 2009 and conducted by Christian Birnbaum – first violinist with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra – will be commencing rehearsals again at the start of the summer semester.

Conductor: Christian Birnbaum (Member of the Wiener Symphoniker, Artistic Director of the Consortium Musicum Alte Universität and the Barockensemble of the Wiener Symphoniker)

Last Project:  Concert for Roma children in Hosman near Sibiu (Romania)



New Premises at Mariahilfer Straße 51, 1060 Wien

We have a newly-renovated location (1500m²). Students now have a new theatre, rehearsal stages, dance rooms, teaching and practice rooms, cloakrooms and showers at their disposal. Vienna Conservatory students are welcome to use the practice rooms.

Active Assosiate of the AEC

Vienna Conservatory of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid is an active associate of the AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen).


The Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC) is a European cultural and educational network which was founded in 1953 and represents the interests of every institute at which musical professions are taught.  The association fulfils these aims via the following activities:


•    Encouragement and support of international cooperation between member institutions.
•    Realising international projects within the field of musical education.
•    Organising an annual congress with various subject-specific seminars from its members.
•    Representing the best interests of the musical education sector on a national, European and international level.


 Vienna Conservatory was accepted as a new active associate by the AEC Council in the academic year 2008/09.


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