Vienna Conservatory of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid - MUSICAL THEATRE

Welcome to the Musical Theatre Department. Vienna Conservatory of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid is a private institution with public status and is one of the most prominent training centres for musical theatre in Austria with a high international profile. Students who embark on a course with us will be prepared for professional careers as stage artists throughout the course of their training.


The main objective of our Musical Theatre course is the acquisiton of practical skills in singing, dancing and acting. Practical teaching units such as Singing & Vocal Training, Choir, Ensemble, Piano, Accompaniment, Ballet, Jazz Dance, Stepdance, Floor Barre, Jump & Turn, Acting and Speech are offered alongside your main subject tuition. Our students put on productions on a regular basis and thereby acquire many important stage performance skills. Theoretical subjects, such as Music Theory, Show Choreography, History of Musicals and Rhetoric add to the young musical performer’s profile.


Vienna Conservatory of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid, with around 700 students from over 45 different countries, is highly regarded worldwide as a leading educational centre. We offer both instrumental and vocal courses, which can be studied either as an Artistic or a Pedagogical Diploma. Our certificates and Diplomas are granted equal recognition to those issued by state-run universities and colleges. Our lecturers and professors at Vienna Conservatory of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid consider it their duty not only to provide professional musical and artistic training, but also to impart their enthusiasm for music-making and to meet the individual needs of every student.

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