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Vienna Konservatorium of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid

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Disclaimer of Liability:
All content on the Vienna Konservatorium of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid website is carefully selected and regularly monitored.  Nevertheless, Vienna Konservatorium does not assume any warranty for the up-to-date and correct portrayal of the content of the website in its entirety; nor for the legal consistency of the information on the website. Any liability claims against Vienna Konservatorium are therefore excluded.  

Similarly, all links on the Vienna Konservatorium website are carefully selected and regularly monitored.  Vienna Konservatorium declares herewith that its website links contained no identifiably illegal content at the time of their creation.   Vienna Konservatorium holds no current or future influence over the formation, content and authorship of the linked websites. All responsibility for the current content of the linked websites lies solely with the current editor of that site.  Should you find any unlawful content or any violation of the law, we ask for notification so that we may then promptly remove the links.  Likewise, if you are not in agreement with us providing a link to your website or perceive a violation against your rights, then we once again ask for notification so that we may act accordingly.  

Where legally permissible, Vienna Konservatorium assumes no warranty for damages which have occurred as a result of usage and availability of data and information on the Vienna Konservatorium website (nor for damages which have occurred as a result of non-usage and non-availability of data and information).
Vienna Konservatorium reserves the right to alter, augment and delete website content without prior notification.

Copyright Law and Data Protection:
The copyright for the self-compiled content, photos, graphics, audio files and visual files remains solely with the editor.  Any duplication, manipulation, storage or further use of the aforementioned objects in other digital or printed publications is not allowed without formal agreement from Vienna Konservatorium.  Usage for private, academic and non-commercial purposes is permitted so long as the source – Vienna Konservatorium – is quoted.

All data provided by the user is displayed on the website on a voluntary basis.  Any further usage of this data is forbidden on the part of the website editor.  We reserve the right to legal action regarding this matter.

The validity of our disclaimer, as with our copyright and data protection, applies to all users of the Vienna Konservatorium website.

Editorial and Content Managers
Robert Brandstötter – Managing Director
Mag. Eva Maria Schmid – Chairwoman
Mag. Josef Schmid – Artistic Director

Photographic Material (unless otherwise stated):
Mag. Julia Rosenberger

Video Material (unless otherwise stated):
DI Gerald Schmid

Web Design and Conception:
Mag. Julia Rosenberger
Dr. Florian Bettel
DI Susanne Schmid
DI Gerald Schmid

Caroline Stevenson B.A.

Web Programming and Administration:
DI (FH) Daniel Schirmer
DI (FH) Maximilian Schirmer
DI Susanne Schmid
DI Gerald Schmid

Interface to the Web Server / Administrator:
DI Susanne Schmid
DI Gerald Schmid

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